CDS Twin Spiral Concrete Mixer

The spiral blade can increase the mixing efficiency 15%, energy saving 15%, mix material more homogeneous;

Reduce the running resistance, low holding shaft rate


   Type CDS3000/2000 CDS4500/3000 CDS6000/4000 CDS6750/4500 CDS7500/5000 CDS9000/6000
 Filing volume 3000 4500 6000 6750 7500 9000
 Compacted concrete per batch 2000 3000 4000 4500 5000 6000
 Power        2X37 2X55 2X75 2X75 2X90 2X110
 Paddles number 2*8 2*9 2*11 2*12 2*14 2*10
  Weight 8000 10100 13500 15500 17500 20000



 1. Twin-Spiral Mixing Device
  The spiral blade can increase the mixing efficiency 15%,energy saving 15%,mix material more homogeneous;
  Reduce the running resistance,low holding shaft rate.
 2. Shaft sealing
  adopt floating seal ring and labyrinth seal structure of mechanical seal,can prevent sand or stone into the seal;
  There is protection board in the mechanical seal,maintain stability of the oil pressure.The cement water is not close to the shaft head.Prolong the service life of the seal.
  integral assembly,easy to remove and replace.
 3. Automatic greasing system
  Four cores grease pump.Independent oil supply.Easy to maintenance.
  output high pressure grease.High viscosity grease.small grease consumption.Can effectively reduce the oil pollution for the concrete.
 4. Shaft Bearing
  Shaft bearing and sealing are separate.Can protect the bearing when the sealing is broken.
  Easy to replace.
 5. Gearbox
  Stable transmission,low noise,long service life,no oil leakage.
 6. Belt self-tensioning device
  avoid belt abnormal wear and damage;
  reduce maintenance costs.
 7. Eccentric discharge door
  Eccentric discharge door,modular design,reliable sealing,wear small;
  Durable and reliable limit switch.
twin spiral  concrete mixer



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